I aspired to create a timepiece that exuded more than style, our goal was to create a timepiece that radiated confidence – confidence in knowing you are deserving of the things you want. And with hard-work and persistence, it will come. With an unwavering determination to achieve your dreams, you will achieve it… because you DARE TO BE LOVED…

Our Story

Christiaan & York (C&Y) is an empowering timepiece brand based in Perth, Australia. C&Y was created by a 23 year old full-time lawyer with a vision to help others express self-love and achieve their dreams. With the help of a team of people around her (including you, our loyal customers), together they spread self-confidence through timepieces that exude both resilience and passion, to remind you of your unique strengths and achieve what you want.

Our Mission

“My mission is to give you the confidence to feel and be loved for who you truly are and not just how you look. I fall in love with people for how they make me feel, not how they dress, but you must first love yourself before you are capable of being loved. The way you dress yourself is a representation of how you feel about yourself and these C&Y timepieces scream my time is valuable and I #daretobeloved for who I truly am.” – Louise C, Founder of Christiaan & York.

Our Design

Inspired by timeless style, C&Y showcases refined and classic designs. Featuring an elegant and thin 7mm case, C&Y proves that simplicity transcends time. The minimalistic design with interchangeable straps means our watches are perfect for every single occasion, and every unique style. We are not just a trend, just like you making a mark in your dream job, we are here to stay.

Everyone deserves to be loved for being themselves. And that includes you. This is why our timepieces are so simple yet beautiful, because the watch doesn’t wear you – you wear the watch. Our timepieces are more than an accessory, it exudes sophistication and the intellect of knowing yourself. With C&Y, we know that you are more than what people see.